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LANDT is an international group of aligned companies with a total of 60 staff members and advisors in Germany, Afghanistan and Tajikistan with further support of international consultants. The group is focused on developing Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) finance through designing, setting-up and managing credit guarantee funds and providing technical assistance in challenging environments. LANDT also carries out sophisticated consultancy projects.

In response to the specific challenges and market failures in its target countries, LANDT has developed tailor-made design elements for its approach to credit guarantee funds that comprise:

  • Credit guarantee funds creating a strong strategic match with their primary lending partners, providing hands-on involvement in the lending operations where needed and using a variety of specifically adjusted risk management tools; these interventions generate low loss rates even in relatively risky environments and with lending partners with weak track record;
  • Comprehensive technical assistance packages that are dedicated to building from scratch and/or strengthening the SME lending capacity of financial institutions (up- or down-scaling) by setting up SME departments, creating the required policies and procedures, training (class room and on the job, coaching), product development, risk management improvements etc.
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LANDT’s philosophy strives to achieve sustainable impact. Through its efforts, LANDT seeks to empower the staff of its partners as well as of its own staff. LANDT's objectives comprise:

  • Enabling progress in a challenging environment. LANDT nurtures growth of the financial sector in frontier, crisis and post-crisis markets by mobilizing and deploying funds effectively and sustainably.
  • Local impact through local presence. Defining feature of LANDT’s approach is combining international and local expertise. Whereby local experts ensure effective implementation through their specific country knowledge and international experts provide the necessary supervision, coaching and ensure compliance with international best practices. The implementation of this approach can take place in form of a German fund/head office with a strong local consultancy body, establishment of a local credit guarantee fund supported by international expertise based in Germany or various other forms – most importantly all of them are centered around collaboration of local and international experts.
  • Sharing expertise. LANDT develops methods, systems, tools and processes which are scalable and transferable to other countries. This is done with the highest consideration of the specific environment and is fine-tuned accordingly.

In addition to the two credit guarantee funds operated by LANDT – ACGF – Afghan Credit Guarantee Foundation (ACGF) and CGFT – Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan GmbH (CGFT) – the success of LANDT is based on the experience and track record of Leidner Consulting, founded by Bernd Leidner and operating since 1997, and Thiesen Consulting, founded by Dirk Josef Thiesen and operating since 2009. Bernd Leidner and Dirk Josef Thiesen merged their activities into LANDT’s holding company LANDT GmbH. Leidner Consulting has carried out more than 10 assignments related to designing, establishing, evaluating and operating credit guarantees funds in various countries. Thiesen Consulting had focused its activities on taxation, accounting and regulatory advisory services to financial institutions, commercial and non-commercial organizations. Bernd Leidner and Dirk Josef Thiesen are currently Managing Partners of LANDT and hold corresponding top management/board member positions in LANDT’s affiliated companies.

In addition to the two credit guarantee funds operated by LANDT, ACGF – Afghan Credit Guarantee Foundation (ACGF) and CGFT – Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan GmbH (CGFT); as of June 2018, LANDT is the appointed acting Secretary of the Global Network of Guarantee Institutions (GNGI), a network of international guarantee organizations implemented in cooperation with the European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM). While maintaining and expanding its involvement in Afghanistan and Tajikistan respectively, LANDT is actively preparing further expansion and considers further opportunities related to credit guarantee funds and MSME-related development finance structures in relevant contexts.

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  • LANDT Institutional ProfileThe institutional profile provides an overview of LANDT's mission, its track record and a brief description of LANDT's two main engagements - ACGF - Afghan Credit Guarantee Foundation and CGFT - Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan.