Consulting in Development Finance

LANDT strongly believes that barriers to MSME access to finance can be overcome by collaboration between local and international actors. Backed by extensive experience, LANDT consults on projects to promote private sector development in challenging environments.

Evaluation of CGFs:

LANDT carries out extensive evaluation of a CGF’s performance to identify areas of improvement and develop and implement innovative solutions.

Feasibility Studies:

LANDT conducts studies to analyze a country and its MSME sector’s strengths and weaknesses in order to offer optimized methods to uplift the sector.

Conceptual Workshops:

LANDT participates in and organizes various workshops explaining the benefits and value of CGFs with consideration of the specific institutional interests and country context.


LANDT drives targeted fundraising efforts for existing and new CGFs as well as assisting CGFs to develop and implement their own fundraising strategies. 

“LANDT’s success is achieved by creating comprehensive structures with strong local presence, allowing LANDT to be at the heartbeat of the local MSME and financial sector. Being part of LANDT means to work in close exchange with my colleagues abroad and to share know-how with them; yet in a similar way, learn from them every day.“
Daniel Jobmann
Manager – Finance & Controlling

Consultancy Cases

Design of CGFs:

Photo by Fela Sanu

Nigeria: LANDT was a consultant in Nigeria for the design and development of Impact Credit Guarantee Limited. The CGF was developed in partnership with the Development Bank of Nigeria to enhance MSME lending opportunities for the FIs and borrowers. LANDT’s international staff operating in various countries worked with carefully-selected local experts in Nigeria to support the successful operations of the Nigerian guarantee fund. Funded by the World Bank.

  • Market sounding among the Nigeria FIs
  • Modeling of financial and operational structures
  • Advising on regulatory treatment
  • Selecting PFIs
  • Recruitment and training of CGF’s staff
  • Launching the pilot and consequent roll out nationwide
Photo by Ramzi

Lebanon, ESFD – Economic and Social Fund for Development: LANDT’s predecessor organization has supported strategic positioning of ESFD by introducing a CGF thanks to which more than 10.000 MSME businesses have been financed. Funded by the European Union.

  • Conducted a market feasibility study
  • Designed the guarantee scheme
  • Presented and negotiated agreements with PFIs
  • Developed operations manual
  • Established requirements for MIS

Evaluations, Diagnosis & Support:

Photo by Oleg Znamenskiy

Yemen, Yemen Loan Guarantee: The program in designing and implementing portfolio guarantees is based on prior market sounding in the local financial sector. Funded by the SANAD Fund for MSME via Finance in Motion.

Photo by Givaga

Egypt, CGC – Credit Guarantee Company Egypt: Recently established cooperation between LANDT and CGC focuses on business analysis and processes assessments. 

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