Technical Assistance to CGFs

LANDT offers a variety of TA services to CGFs and their stakeholders ranging from problem-specific diagnosis to ongoing operational support. Through its team of local and international experts, LANDT is well-positioned to address all key functional areas of CGF operations.

Capacity Building for CGFs

Expanding institutional capacities of existing CGFs by advising on all areas of CGFs design, including:

  • Streamlining of operations from guarantee origination to claim payment by reviewing and developing policies, identifying opportunities for efficiency gains and targeted audits of operations
  • Enhancement of risk management through development and improvement of an enterprise-wide risk management manual
  • Driving improvement of monitoring & evaluation, which can be used to assess activities, outcomes, outputs and impact of CGF activities
  • Developing social and environmental management policies to meet institutional requirements, promote sustainable operations, and yield a positive impact

CGF - Key Design Features

CGF - Key Design Features

Technical Assistance to CGFs' Stakeholders:

LANDT provides comprehensive support to various stakeholders of CGFs:

  • Institutional Owners of CGFs such as development finance institutions, donors and governmental institutions benefit from LANDT’s capacity building  
  • Financial Institutions such as banks and micro-finance institutions benefit from extensive support with devising strategies on utilization of guarantees based on cost-benefit analysis
  • Regulators such Central Banks and Ministries improve internal capacity for best-practice regulatory treatment of CGFs and enhancing the domestic economic environment

Morocco: Caisse Centrale des Garanties:
Diagnosis & scoping mission. Funded by IFC.

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