Due to its extensive experience in designing, establishing and operating CGFs, LANDT possesses a unique expertise, enabling sophisticated consultancy and knowledgeable strategic support at any stage of credit guarantee scheme development.

LANDT was established by Bernd Leidner and Dirk Josef Thiesen who, combined, have more than 50 years of experience in the international financial sector. The institutional history of LANDT can be traced to 2013, when Leidner Consulting and Thiesen Consulting were merged to combine the professional track record of designing and implementing credit guarantee schemes worldwide with extensive expertise in providing regulatory and advisory services to financial institutions, commercial and non-commercial organizations.

LANDT has evolved into a renowned firm, providing high-level technical support — specifically in areas of credit guarantees — to prominent national and international stakeholders.

“Our contribution to make the world a better place by creating and conserving employment, our professionalism with hard work, dedication to our goals and ability to work in an intercultural environment are the main reasons that I believe we stand on the right side of business life.“
Dirk Josef Thiesen
Senior Advisor

International Practice:

Dedication in pursuing international best practices and being part of it. In every operation, LANDT steadily acknowledges the best practices and developments in MSME-lending sector and integrates them into its work for the ultimate goal of better lending environments through strengthening the formal financial institutions.

Utilizing Local Knowledge:

Through relying on the first-hand experiences of local subsidiaries to distribute knowledge. Strong local presence and international experiences enable them to analyze the countries, identify the issues together with partners and propose various adaptable solutions.


Eager to Explore:

Knowledge is not a one-way street; it consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Communication is the essential key to share experience and learn from others to adapt and expand.

Afghan Credit Guarantee Foundation

In 2004, the CGF-A, ACGF’s predecessor, was established by BMZ and USAID and implemented under trustee-status by DEG. In 2014, the transformation into ACGF took place at the request of DAB for the establishment of a European-based foundation with a sole mandate of serving as a guarantee facility. Since then ACGF, with its subsidiary SCSA located in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif, has been operating in the country and leaving a substantive impact on MSME sector development.

Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan

Following a decade of success with ACGF , CGFT was established based on the investments made by DEG, OeEB and FMO in 2015. LANDT became the management firm for CGFT. The aim of CGFT is to address developmental challenges in Tajikistan’s MSME sector through the adaptation and tailoring of the credit guarantee scheme utilized by ACGF. CGFT is based in Berlin and constantly supported by its local subsidiary TCSP located in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

LANDT contributes to the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the countries LANDT operates. LANDT strives to achieve transformational change through strengthening of the financial sector with appropriate social and environmental guidance to provide the MSME sector with formal credit and in turn drive new job opportunities,  provide secure incomes, and yield long-term economic growth.

Poverty in developing countries are reduced by job creation through access to finance for MSMEs
Developing and supporting projects that focus on access to finance for female entrepreneurs
Tens of thousands of jobs are created or supported by easier access to finance for MSMEs
One aspect of Technical Assistance is to develop projects focusing on innovations in the financial sector
MSME-financing also targets underserved minorities, in all regions of a country
Under the framework of Environmental & Social Risks, environment-friendly businesses are supported
Strong support to financial and governmental institutions for equity for access to finance
Working with national, regional & international actors
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