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LANDT GmbH (“LANDT”) is a Berlin-based international development finance consulting and fund management company. LANDT is focused on developing micro, small, and medium sized enterprise (MSMEs) finance through designing, establishing, consulting, and managing credit guarantee funds (CGFs) in challenging environments.

The Importance of Credit Guarantee Funds (CGFs)

Credit Guarantee Funds (CGFs) are a powerful tool financial institutions use to facilitate lending to micro, small, and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) around the world, addressing key barriers to access to finance. According to the World Bank, upwards of 68% of MSMEs are currently underserved or unserved completely by financial institutions, often due to the risk perceived by lenders in providing credit to small businesses in developing countries. CGFs help to offset this risk by offering to repay to lenders an agreed share of an outstanding MSME loan in the event of a default. By absorbing a share of the credit risk, CGFs help MSMEs in emerging markets gain access to finance, which in turn bolsters the development of the private sector and contributed to overall economic growth.

Our Expertise

LANDT’s ability to effectively diagnose and capture market needs and deliver suitable CGF designs can be witnessed in the nearly three-decade track record in the most diverse economic contexts. LANDT’s demonstrated competence to grasp domestic knowledge and combine this with its international development finance experience has proven to be highly valuable to both its public and private sector clients. In response to the specific challenges and market failures in its target countries, LANDT has developed tailor-made design elements for its approach to CGFs that make them efficient, impactful, and sustainable.

Examples of LANDT's Track Record


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CGFT – Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan

CGFT is a credit guarantee fund, implemented by LANDT. CGFT adapted the successful credit guarantee scheme of ACGF and has been operating since 2015. Based in Berlin Germany, with its local subsidiary TCSP in Dushanbe and Khujand, CGFT combines international best practice and local knowledge.
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Central America

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Berlin, Germany

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Democratic Republic of Congo

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Design of CGFs

Management of CGFs

Evaluation, Diagnosis & Support of CGFs


Feasibility Study

“Our business is all about people: The staff in our lean head office who create and support our structures, the colleagues in our subsidiaries who work so hard to achieve business volume and ensure portfolio quality, the employees of the partner financial institutions who we closely cooperate with and train and, foremost, the business owners and their employees who are at the center of what we do: unlocking potential and facilitating growth, jobs and income. It gives me great joy to shape this work and see its impact.”
Bernd Leidner
Senior Advisor

Path to Success

LANDT has a well-established method that leads it to success in challenging environments:


LANDT carefully analyzes the strengths, weaknesses and systemic challenges that affect a country’s MSME lending actors. It develops innovative and customized solutions that benefit PFIs, governments and the everyday people living and working in host markets.



Leveraging its reputation as a reliable partner, LANDT drives funding for its projects by identifying and vetting appropriate donors and investor institutions.

LANDT continuously seeks opportunities for further funding and collaboration to expand its activities pertaining to designing, setting-up and managing credit guarantee funds.



LANDT establishes partnerships with local and international financial institutions for its CGFs and TA projects to enhance MSME lending capacity.

LANDT itself is acknowledged as a reliable partner in the MSME finance sector due to its quick and uncomplicated payout mechanisms.



LANDT is committed to its ultimate goal of enhancing  MSME access to finance. With the right funding and assistance, these promising enterprises have the potential to create high-quality jobs, increase incomes and foster sustainable economic growth from the local level.

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