Business Analysis and Processes Assessment Credit Guarantee Company of Egypt

Area of Operation: Egypt

Duration of Assignment: March 2019 – June 2020

Name of Client: The World Bank Group

Project Description:

A World Bank TA program funded by FIRST was designed to strengthen The Credit Guarantee Company in Egypt CGC’s institutional framework, product offering, and operational processes, consistent with the Principles for Public CGS Schemes, in order to increase its effectiveness and outreach.

There was a need to assess Credit Guarantee Company’s (CGC’s) business model, processes, data collection and practices in order to streamline operations and align them with international best practices. The assignment aimed at i) identifying CGC’s process inefficiencies and the requirements for using CGC’s resources to cope with its growth in business volume and ii) designing enhanced process diagrams and identifying data requirements that take into account the selected software architecture, features and functionalities. The assessment was largely based on qualitative aspects and compares institutional current practices to both international best practices and context-related aspects.

Our Services:

  • Developed a CGC profile that included relevant company information and an overview of existing CGC processes (Issuance, Renewal, Extension, Reactivation, Cancellation, Increase, Reduction, Amendment, Recovery, Liquidation, Settlement before liquidation, Settlement after liquidation, Write-off, Classification, guarantee commission – issuance, Guarantee commissions – renewal & amendments).
  • Assessed and identified how CGC Egypt can optimize its utilization of the Management Information System (MIS) to meet its strategic objectives.
  • Creation of main process diagrams for guarantee issuing, renewal, and extension that better aligned with the fund’s manuals and new MIS software.
  • Analysed business processes and identified areas to align with international best practices for increasing efficiency, improved internal controls, granular risk management, data collection and feedback mechanisms.
  • Developed functional requirements detailing the implementation of checks, controls, committee approvals, and other processes to help the CGC streamline operations for future growth.
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