Conducting a Due Diligence Audit of the Credit Guarantee Company for Ivorian SMEs

Area of Operation: Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Duration of Assignment: December 2022 – April 2023

Name of Client: KfW Development Bank / FGPME – Fonds de garantie de crédits aux PME

Project Description:

As part of a new project, the Société de Garantie des Crédits aux PME Ivoiriennes (SGPME) was supported from 2023 by funds from KfW in order to assess whether the investments in the CGS, Fonds de Garantie des Crédits aux PME ( FGPME), met the goals of KfW and whether the vision of the stakeholders was in line with international best practices.

KfW sought a firm to conduct a due diligence of the CGS to determine the areas for support and offer recommendations on the potential financing needs for the CGS in order to grant more portfolio guarantees to financial institutions to ultimately increase SME lending.

Our Services:

  • Conducted an analysis of the mandate, structure and strategy of the guarantee company.
  • Reviewed the institutional structure, management, staff and regulatory environment.
  • Analysed the evolution of operations since the creation of the company.
  • Reviewed and assessed warranty procedures and processes.
  • Conducted risk management review and assessment.
  • Conducted investment policy review and assessment.
  • Reviewed and evaluated the monitoring and evaluation framework.
  • Reviewed and analysed the Warranty Company Manuals.
  • Performed a due diligence audit based on KfW criteria.
  • Supported in the preparation for a formal developer analysis by KfW.
  • Formulated of recommendations for topics for the further implementation of the project and for other support needs of the company.
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