Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation into Public Credit Guarantee Schemes for Small and Medium Enterprises

Area of Operation: Global (remote)

Duration of Assignment: January 2022 – September 2022

Name of Client: The World Bank Group

Project Description:

The World Bank and the FIRST Initiative that designed the Principles for the Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Public Credit Guarantee Schemes (PCGSs) for SMEs (the Principles) in 2015 reconvened the Task Force to create targeted guidance in selected areas to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation in the institutional and operational framework of PCGSs. LANDT was tasked with developing high-level guidance to green PCGSs, both existing PCGSs and newly created. The guidance was intended to help policymakers and regulators, especially in emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs), who want to establish and operate PCGSs that can contribute to facilitate the provision of green finance to SMEs while appropriately managing climate-related risks. The guidance was also intended to provide direction to the international development community in their advisory and technical assistance to PCGSs in EMDEs that wish to green their operations.

Our Services:

  • Compiled of the views of the Task Force.
  • Conducted a desk review of CGS practices in greening based on interviews with selected PCGS, which informed the Consultative Document for internal and external comment.
  • Interviewed with selected CGSs.
  • Participated in workshops discussing the technical guidance.
  • Created the technical guidance to mainstream green and climate considerations into the operations of PCGS based on comments received and Task Force guidance.
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