Technical Assistance in Roll-Out of Operations, Systems Improvement and COVID-19 Strategy for IMPACT Credit Guarantee Limited

Area of Operation: Nigeria

Duration of Assignment: September 2020 – December 2020

Name of Client: Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN)

Project Description:

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, IMPACT Credit Guarantee Company-wholly-owned subsidiary of Development Bank Nigeria (DBN)-together with the DBN and the World Bank undertook a fundamental reflection on the role of IMPACT in times of COVID-19.

This reflection led to seeking of a firm to support in designing, obtaining stakeholder approval and steering of an impactful, yet sustainable COVID-19 strategy for IMPACT.

They also sought oversight of IMPACT’s credit guarantees operations, monitoring and risk management, and where applicable, revision and enhancements of design, policies and procedures of IMPACT.

Our Services:

  • Supported in designing, vetting, and steering of COVID-19 strategy by sounding with PFIs and internal stakeholders, contributing to the development of the COVID-19 strategy, and assessing and reviewing the strategy, and providing guidance and steering in implementation.
  • Provided new PFI onboarding by analysing strategic match for newly onboarded PFIs, reviewing due diligence reports, and providing input in the PFI selection committee.
  • Provided ongoing operational, risk, and strategic support by supporting in the recruitment of the M&E / MIS officer, supporting the risk department in reviewing RACs for blanket guarantees, supporting in pricing and negotiations strategy with PFIs, participating in board meetings, providing improvements and updates to the operations and credit risk manual, and supporting in the assessment of peer guarantee funds and identifying opportunities for a sustainable scale up of IMPACT’s market footprint.
  • Supported IMPACT with working sessions with Galileo Network on setting up and customizing the MIS as well as training the M&E / MIS officer.
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