Technical Assistance on Credit Guarantees in North Macedonia

Area of Operation: North Macedonia

Duration of Assignment: May 2023 – Present

Name of Client: The World Bank Group

Project Description:

As part of the World Bank’s objectives to strengthening financial sector diversification and deepening in Western Balkans, the World Bank are supporting the Development Bank (DBNM) in North Macedonia to expand SME access to bank financing.

Specifically, the DBNM’s newly introduced partial credit guarantee (PCG) may offer a better tool to ease collateral requirements and broaden SMEs’ access to bank credit, including to smaller and riskier SMEs.

Our Services:

  • Reviewing the PCG strategy, legal framework, performance, targeting, demand, and market penetration, and proposing areas and approaches to improvement.
  • Reviewing existing strategic and operational documents and performance reports (strategy, business plan, business model, policy manuals, tools and templates, M&E reports, financial reports, board reports, business development reports, internal and external audit reports, etc.).
  • Meeting with the the PCG, PFIs, central bank (or applicable regulator) and other stakeholders (e.g., Ministry of Finance, line handling SMEs, other PCGs active in NM, SME associations / chambers of commerce) to assess PCG strategy.
  • Developing a report on assessment of existing PCG strategy and operations, and recommendations for better targeting and improved market penetration/guarantee utilization.
  • Reviewing the current MIS platform used for guarantee operations, identification of weaknesses / challenges, and recommendations of automation areas.
  • Developing terms of reference for potential MIS and an implementation roadmap.
  • Collecting and incorporating of feedback on deliverables / outputs above, preparing presentations, and conducting virtual regional workshop / exchange.
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