Technical Assistance to IMPACT Credit Guarantee Limited regarding Operations and Systems Improvement (4)

Area of Operation: Nigeria

Duration of Assignment: March 2021 – October 2021

Name of Client: KfW Development Bank

Project Description:

LANDT provided continued facilitation of the successful roll-out of IMPACT’s credit guarantees and TA, in coordination with the DBN, to current and prospective PFIs. This entailed progressive revision and improvements of design, policies, processes and procedures of IMPACT, and new product development.

LANDT also supported in the development and implementation of an impactful, yet sustainable COVID-19 strategy for IMPACT.

Our Services:

  • Supported IMPACT in the design and implementation of the COVID-19 strategy including supporting in the development of the tools and to be used in implementation, supporting in the selection of PFIs and PFI loan products to be covered under the strategy, and supporting in the review of requests from PFIs for cover under the COVID-19 facility.
  • Supported new PFI onboarding by assisting in refining the strategic match evaluation for potential PFIs, assisting in review of the due diligence reports, and providing input in the PFI selection committee.
  • Providing operational support including the review of guarantee applications, development and support in implementation of the pricing strategy model for PFIs, and supporting in the review and updating of operations and credit risk manual and other operational documents in guarantee issuance.
  • Supported guarantee products including supporting with the set up and roll out of portfolio guarantees, providing suggestions for further differentiated individual guarantee products, and supporting with the development of new guarantee products including establishing a standardized mechanism / approach to be used in new product development.
  • Provided guarantee oversight including active support for the initial guarantee oversight (regular, delinquent and portfolio audits) i.e. the end to end audit process.
  • Provided portfolio reporting & monitoring by supporting IMPACT in helping PFIs on the completion and submission of returns, supporting in portfolio (PF) report consolidation, validation, and approval process, and developing relevant reports for management information (business performance, risk management, M&E etc.)
  • Supported risk management by reviewing and guiding IMPACT’s draft provisioning/impairment model compliant with International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9, reviewing and guiding development of Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) and Risk Appetite Framework (RAF), supporting in continuous improvement of its risk management tools, including making use of internally available data for risk analysis and decision making, supporting in development and automation of risk dashboard and internal scoring/rating model, and supporting with the review and update the ERM framework and other risk policies and internally developed models.
  • Supported the implementation of roll-out of the MIS and provided continuous support on emerging MIS issues, post go-live.
  • Provided continuing support in operationalization of the M&E function through further refinement of the indicator’s matrix and supporting data collection and analysis of all M&E indicators for monitoring purposes.
  • Supported IMPACT in selections of consultants for TA and supporting ToR development.
  • Provided continuous training of new (M&E Specialist; Operations and Risk officers) and current staff and supported with recruitment materials and tasks.
  • Provided strategic Business Support in further potential fundraising.
  • Supported IMPACT in continuous refining and improvement of its value proposition message to stakeholders.
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